Download the leader guide here.

Download the student guide here.

This study is designed for young adults and campus ministry in particular. The goal is for participants grow in their understanding of living in Christian friendship by looking through the book of Philippians.

There is both a leaders guide and student guide with handouts for each week.


  • To help the participants grow in their understanding of Philippians
  • To help the participants see Paul’s example of life as a Christian friend
  • To help the participants recognize different aspects/responsibilities of Christian friendship
  • To help the participants realize the foundation and security that is inherent in Christian friendship

Session List

Introduction: Provide in narrative the basic background for the city of Philippians and the argument that Philippians is a letter of friendship.

Week 1: Foundations of Friendship [Philippians 1:1-11]

Week 2: A Living Witness (using your example to communicate and teach) [Philippians             1:12-26]

Week 3: True Partnership (No room for jealousy) [Philippians 1:27-2:18]

Week 4: There for you (caring enough to help) [Philippians 2:19-30]

Week 5: Speaking Up [Philippians 3:1-11]

Week 6: Striving towards the same goal [Philippians 3:12-4:3]

Week 7: The Joy of Friendship in Christ [Philippians 4:4-23]