Maybe you’ve seen it: The Veggie Tales episode Where’s God When I’m Scared? is a classic staple of many Christian households.  It begins with Larry afraid of what he believes to be monsters in his closet, but they are really just his slippers.  The episode goes on to show Junior, the little asparagus, terrified after watching a scary movie.  Bob and Larry go on to comfort him, telling him that God is “Bigger than the boogeyman”.

As silly as this show may be, it does highlight some very real truths in our lives.  Fear is real, and it is terrifying.  Just as the scary movie made Junior see his family portrait as scary monsters, our human nature can make us afraid of many things in our life.  Depending on who you are or what day it is, the smallest things may seem extremely frightening.

Getting back to Veggie Tales, they go on to retell the story of Daniel.  Let’s read a portion of that quickly:

Read Daniel 6:1-24.

So, in this story, we see two instances of great fear.  First, and obviously, Daniel would have likely been terrified after being thrown to the lions.  This would have meant certain death, and even the most trusting follower of God would have certainly been afraid.  However, we do see that God’s love did trump that certainty of death, as nothing is as powerful as God.  Here is another reading to reflect on concerning this:

Read Romans 8:38-39.

It is important to remember God’s omnipotence in times of fear.  He already knows what is going to happen.  Death, sin, fear, self-consciousness, anxiety, even COVID, can never separate you from the One who created you and cares for you.  When you are going into a scary situation, remember to say a prayer to Him, and go in knowing who is on your side.


Heavenly Father, thank you for this day in your creation.  Thank you for delivering me from evil daily, and please forgive me for when I sin.  Please create in me the faith to trust in you during times when I may be scared.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Journal Questions

  • What is a time that you have been afraid?  Who helped you during that time?
  • How could you help someone that may be experiencing fear?