Top 10 Things to Remember After Your Event

Even after your servant event is over, there is still important things to do. There are great ways to carry over the Gospel-sharing service work beyond just the day of the event.

10. Pray for the Servants and the people you served.

9. Send post event mailings–affirmation letters, Post Event Bible Study, what are they doing back home, mementos of the Servant Event.

8. Write thank you letters to community leaders and individuals involved with the event.

7. Complete evaluation forms and meet with your team to discuss them.

6. Return all equipment and tools to the owners and thank them.

5. Encourage participants to be in contact with each other sharing their faith.

4. Encourage participants to host a post event thank you for their home congregation, sharing with them their experience.

3. Ask participants to report and share how they are serving in their own community.

2. Encourage adult leaders to host an Event from their home congregation.

1. Sit Back, relax and CELEBRATE!

Compiled by the LCMS Servant Event Committee: Rev. Barry Akers; Shelly Carlson; Linda Gage; James Lohman, DCE; Randy Ronning, DCE; Leah Sallach