By Roberto Rojas

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 20C Gospel.

Text: Luke 17:1-10 for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series C


Participants will:

  1. Understand that even though sin is inevitable, it does not excuse the sinner or condone his sin.
  2. Need to be more careful with the invitations to sin in its broad and narrow forms.
  3. Not be the promoters of sin.
  4. Know that God expects us to fully and freely forgive.



Colored Paper



This Bible study has been developed for use of small groups of 5-7 people. Choose as leader of each small group the person whose birthday is closest to Reformation Day. The leader’s role is to keep the group moving through the study, encouraging participation and keeping track of the time each individual is given to share with the rest of the group.


Most of us love parties. Let’s create a party! Think of the people you will invite, the clothes you will wear, the food that will be served, the music that will be played, etc. Make an invitation that will motivate your friends to come. Convince your friends of the unforgettable time he/she will have. Pretend your party is the best one in the world.

  1. How many people from your group did you convince to go to your party?
  2. Choose from the items below. Plan your party with the people in your group. You have three minutes to do this.

BEVERAGE            TREATS                          DESSERT                       ACTIVITIES
Soda pop                 Cookies                            Cheese                            CD, Cassettes
Beer                          Fresh Veggies & Dip      Chocolate Cake            Movies
Wine                         Pretzels                            Ice Cream                      Games
Juice, V8                  Chips                                Apple Pie                       D.J.
Punch                       Pizza                                  Fruit Salad                    Chess Game

  1. Why did you choose to bring the items you selected? Explain. What is the most important thing to have a successful party?
  2. Why did you accept the invitation to the party? Why didn’t you? What was so appealing to you about a party?
  3. Other than a party, have you been invited to do something that was irresistible to you and you knew it was a sin? On your own, think of this for a moment. How did you respond? What were the consequences of this invitation? Did you accept it? How did you feel afterwards? Did you reject it? Were you sorry you did?
  4. How would you define the power of an invitation?
  5. Have you ever invited a friend to do something that you knew was wrong in the eyes of God? Did that person accept? How did that make you feel?


  1. Read Luke 17:1-10. What does Jesus warn us about in verse 1? How can we recognize the invitation to sin? How can we reject it?
  2. Which are the consequences that we face if we deliberately make someone fall into sin?
  3. Read verse 3. What does Jesus say we should do if someone sins against you? Who is in sin? The one that sinned and repented and asked for forgiveness or the one that was offended and did not forgive?
  4. What reaction did the disciples have to Jesus’ teaching? Is this your reaction? Why did they ask for an increase of their faith? What role does faith play in the act of forgiveness?
  5. What do you think arose in the minds of the disciples when they asked for more faith? Why did Jesus give a parabolic narrative in verses 7-10. What did He mean by this?


  1. How can we reject the existence of sin in our lives? What are the most common and appealing sins in my life? (optional sharing)
  2. How can we avoid making others fall into sin?
  3. How can I avoid being trapped into sin?
  4. What is the relationship between your faith and your willingness to forgive?
  5. In this Bible study I learned. . .


Conclude with the Lord’s prayer and by singing “Amazing Grace.”


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies.

Updated for youthESource in September 2016