by Phil Miksad

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Easter 7B 1st Reading.

Text: Acts 1:12-26 for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Lectionary Series B


Participants will:

  1. Discover the various ways that God has chosen us for service to Himself and to others.
  2. Discover what tools/gifts we have been given for this service.


Classified or “Help Wanted” sections of the newspaper
Pencils or markers


This Bible study is designed for groups of 1-20, which will then be divided into two equal groups of 5-10. The two tallest members of the first group are designated as team leaders; the two will then pick members for an “imaginary softball team” from the rest of the team (take a few minutes for this, then discuss why each person was picked.) Regroup into the larger group once more; have the two leaders pick members for an “imaginary evangelism team.” Again, allow a few minutes for the choosing, and then discuss why certain people were chosen for the task.


Within the two separate groups:

  1. Share with the group your favorite activity, and the best or most unique talent you possess.
  2. Give each person a page from the classified section of the newspaper. Have each person circle a job or position they might be interested in; share reasons for each choice.


Read Acts 1:12-16. (Allow volunteers to read, or have each person read a few verses. If anyone would like to pass, allow him or her this privilege.

Answer the following questions within the group:

  1. Why did the apostles need to choose another to join them in ministry?
  1. What were the qualifications given for the new apostle?
  1. After the “nominees” were chosen, what two things sealed the “election”?
  1. What part did the community of believers have in the choosing of Matthias for service? What was God’s part?


Distribute a piece of paper and a pencil to each person. Divide the group into twos—one person who will be the interviewer and the other the person being interviewed. Answer the following questions:

  1. What do you think are some of your qualifications for sharing Jesus Christ with others?
  1. Is there a special talent or gift you have that could be used in spreading the message/love of Christ with someone else?
  1. Besides using words, what are some ways to bring the message of the Gospel to others around you?

After the brief interviews are completed, have the interviewer and interviewee change roles.


Rejoin the full group. Join hands, and beginning with the leader, have anyone who would like to complete this prayer do so: “Thank you, heavenly Father, for the gifts you have given ___________________ to share your Son Jesus. Show me the gifts I have been given, too. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 12, 1999.

Updated for youthESource in May 2015