If you’re not familiar with Geocaches, there are (literally) millions of “Geocaches” hidden in parks and other public places throughout the world. It’s like finding buried treasure! Chances are, your community has hundreds of nearby Geocaches. They are usually very small, and are hidden in obscure spots. You find them by entering a Geocache’s GPS coordinates into a GPS (or a smartphone). You can find out more about this, as well as a complete list of Geocaches, at www.geocaching.com.

My favorite summer event is planning an “Amazing Race” using Geocaches. You need to divide into teams, and each team needs a vehicle with a responsible driver. Give each team three envelopes, each containing the GSP coordinates for different Geocaches. Label the envelopes in the order they are to be opened and used. Each team starts at the church, and leaves from there to find their first Geocache. For us, our first two envelopes are DIFFERENT, but all of our third envelopes are the SAME. Each team takes a selfie with the geocache when they find it. The goal is to find all three Geocaches and then be the first team to make it to the 3rd and final location. When everyone has made it to the final location, you can have a short devotion about how Jesus searches for the lost (Luke 15) … or something like that!

photo credit: CarbonNYC photopin