Word One Bible Studies are a collection of studies based on the Gospel lessons for Lectionary Series A. This series will include a study for every Sunday of the church year and for some festivals, allowing you to explore with youth the same texts that are heard in worship on Sunday morning.

Word One Bible Studies provide relational, group Bible studies in which participants have the opportunity to learn from each other. Although these studies do not provide the framework for deep biblical inquiry, they help participants focus on the meaning of God’s Word active in their lives. As participants move into the Word, they are encouraged to build relationships; to examine priorities, values and beliefs and to publicly share how God is present in their world.

Explore these studies and use them where they meet the needs of the youth you are serving. As you use and adapt these studies, we pray that God uses them and you to open doors for the Spirit. May God bless the work of the Spirit as His people discover, share and grow!

Several of the Word One Bible studies have previously been published in the Discovery Bible Study series. New studies will be written to reflect changes to the lectionary. If you would like to write a new Word One Bible study, please send an email to the editor.