This study is designed to help your youth group do three things:

(1) Recall their unique experience of the Gathering, including the personal highlights that impacted them most;
(2) Review the major themes and points made in the Bible studies at the Gathering; and
(3) Spur participants on toward living a life of love in tangible, everyday ways.

There is a lot of material in this study, so you might want to consider breaking it up into two sessions—especially if your group likes to share a lot.

In order to enhance this study, play some of the music from the Gathering as another means of recalling your actual experience as a group. Most of the songs led by the Gathering band can be found at Several of the questions in this study will identify specific songs that fit with specific parts of this study. They are marked with an *asterisk.

At the end of the study we will revisit the postcards the participants were invited to fill out. If you have not mailed the postcards to the participants, either bring them to this study, or mail them afterwards.

Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide for Live Love(d) Revisited.
Download a PDF of the Participant’s Guide for Live Love(d) Revisited.