Theme: Being a Christian is more than something we say, it’s a calling and life in Christ. It is faith that is active in love. It is also hard. When we seek to love our neighbor, we can experience trouble and heartache, but these things remind us to trust our Savior, who died for us and forgives our sins.

Text: Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)

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CAST: WALKER and RANGER (Male or Female)

RANGER and WALKER are traveling companions. They start as far stage right as possible and as the script continues they move across the performance area. Both characters have backpacks. RANGER is slightly ahead of WALKER at the beginning.

WALKER: This looks like the perfect spot to stop for the day.

(Ranger looks around, and up, investigating the area. Walker takes his backpack off and also gives a hurried look around.)

WALKER: Yup, this is the perfect spot. (Claps his hands) Time to unpack.

RANGER: I’m sorry to say this again, but I don’t think this is a good spot either.

WALKER: What’s wrong this time?

RANGER: For starters, there’s not enough cover.

WALKER: Not this one again.

RANGER: I don’t see any water nearby. That’s never a good sign.

WALKER: We’re sleeping here, not building a house.

RANGER: That’s the other thing–it’s not really even close to bedtime.

WALKER: Sure it is.

RANGER: The sun is still out. We may even have a couple hours of light left. We can cover another mile or two.

WALKER: Good point. Here’s my counterpoint. I’m tired.

RANGER: I’m sorry to hear that, but you knew what this trip was about before we got started.

WALKER: Still, I didn’t realize the whole schedule would be so rigid.

RANGER: Except I told you it was crucial to stay on schedule.

WALKER: Listen, no one is going to win this conversation. We have you and what you said about the trip versus what I want to happen on this trip. I’m staying here for the night.

(Walker begins to pull a few things out of his bag, as if he’s setting up camp for the night. A tiny blanket and a plastic bottle of water and maybe a few other small things.)

RANGER: But, you’re not ready. You don’t have the right supplies, you don’t have what you need.

WALKER: I guess you can either help me out, or just leave me here.

RANGER: That’s not fair.

WALKER: It is what it is now isn’t it? (Pulls a phone out) I am not getting a signal out here.

RANGER: You’re in the middle of nowhere.

WALKER: I think the problem is with my wireless service provider.

RANGER: Do you even have any food with you?

WALKER: I’m sure I’ll stumble across some berries or nuts or robin’s eggs or something.

RANGER: That is a terrible idea!

WALKER: (Shrugs) I’m sure things will work out.

RANGER: Did you not read the informational packet I provided?

WALKER: I’m pretty sure I looked at the cover. Had a nice picture of a tree on it, right?

RANGER: Right. It was also filled with incredibly valuable information about what clothes and
supplies to pack, survival tips and even a training regimen to follow in the weeks leading up to the trip.

WALKER: That sounds like a lot of information.

RANGER: It was, and without it you’ve put you, me, and this whole trip in danger.

WALKER: You seem really upset by all this.

RANGER: You’ve been horribly irresponsible.

WALKER: Really? Fine. I’m sorry. Now, fix it.

RANGER: Fix it?

WALKER: Yes, fix it. You’re in charge here right? So fix it.

RANGER: I can’t just fix it. I did my job by letting you know in advance what this was going to be like, the kind of work you were going to have to put in. You didn’t listen.

WALKER: That doesn’t sound great for me.

RANGER: That’s because it’s not.

WALKER: So what happens next?

RANGER: Well, I’m not just going to leave here, unprepared and not ready for the challenges you’re going to face.

WALKER: I like that.

RANGER: What I am going to do is walk with you, help you along the way and make sure that you have everything you need.

WALKER: I also like that.

RANGER: Here’s what you’re not going to like.

WALKER: I’m ready.

RANGER: You’re going to have to listen to me, to trust me. I’m going to need you to work when it’s time to work, and have faith that I’ll give you all the rest you need.

WALKER: You’re right, I don’t like that.

RANGER: Do you think you can do it?

WALKER: I think I’ll try, but I know that sometimes I will fail.

RANGER: I’ll tell you what, that will be okay. When things don’t go the way we want them to, when we run into problems, failures and other stuff along the way we’ll figure out what to do next.

WALKER: Sort of like a team?

RANGER: Yes, we’re on the same team. Just trust me to lead, I’ll trust you to follow, and then we’ll get where we want to go.

WALKER: That works.

RANGER: I think so, too.

(Walker and Ranger walk off together.)

The End