Based on Luke 8:26-39.
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Gripped by the demons of fear, we sometimes end up being unable to do anything productive; we become overwhelmed. It’s like the demon possessed man named in Luke 8. We are carrying our own personal demons. Many of us didn’t start off that way, but we invited them into our lives. Now they want control.
God’s Word, however, calms and comforts us and chases the demons of doubt and fear away.
(Student stands center stage. Authority figures enter and exit from each side of the stage. Each time an authority figure speaks to the student, they place a shackle with chains on the student–both wrists, the ankles, the waist. As they do, demons stand behind the student displaying their signs of doubt.)
Teacher: This last draft of your research paper was less than stellar. You have to do better if you want to be considered for the honor roll. And don’t forget, you also need to be reviewing for the test. You need to do well on both of these projects or kiss that GPA good-bye. We are not going to have a lot of in-class time to study because of the presentations taking place, so you’ll need to prioritize your time. This is an advanced placement class, so I expect that you can handle the extra workload.
(Demon 1 holds up sign that says–“you’re a failure”)
Coach: That was one of the worst efforts I’ve seen from you all year. You want to be the best, right? Then I’m going to need you to work harder and longer than everyone else. I expect to see you here every morning for the next week an hour earlier for some special drills. It’s not asking a lot, it’s what winners do to be the best. If you really want this you’re going to need to prioritize your time. Do you want this? Well, do you?
(Demon 2 holds up a sign behind student that says–“you’re a loser”)
Boss: I know you’ve been with us for a while a now, over a year. I’d like to be able to consider you for the assistant manager position that will open up at the end of the month. I’m sure you could use the raise it comes with, but it also carries a lot more responsibility. To be honest, though, I don’t think you’re ready for it. I’m going to offer it to Joe. Joe knows how to keep his priorities straight. I know he’s been here only a couple of months, but he’s got the go get ’em attitude we’re looking for around here. If you really want me to consider you for the job, you’re going to have to give me more. I need more hours from you this month, I need better results from you this month, I need you to step it up. Otherwise, I’m going with Joe.
(Demon 3 holds up a sign behind student that says–“you’re worthless”)
Youth Leader: I know how you want to be a small group leader in our youth group. But I have to say, I’m a little concerned about you in that role. You just don’t seem like you want to commit to anything. You’re not doing such a great job of prioritizing what’s important. I think you’ve got a great handle on God’s Word, but you need to stop just relying on your head knowledge and start living your faith from your heart. If you want me to consider you for a small group leader I need you to start being a positive influence on the rest of the group. Stop complaining about how rough you have it and start worrying about others around you. Here’s what I’ll do. We have a weekend retreat at the beginning of the month for some small group leader training. Show me over the next month how you are working to change your attitude and actions and I’ll consider letting you come along. Maybe we can use you as an alternate small group leader.
(Demon 4 holds up a sign behind student that says–“you’re insignificant”)
Mom: Look, I know this has been difficult since your dad and I split up. It’s been hard on all of us. We all have to make sacrifices here. Do you think I wanted these things to happen? I didn’t plan on having to go back to work fulltime, but given our financial situation, I need to take advantage of the opportunity to make a few more dollars. This overtime project will be done by the end of the month. You ought to be able to handle taking on a few more chores. Everyone is being asked to chip in, so just do your part! You’ll just need to prioritize the things that are important and make sure those get done. Not only the things around the house, but your schoolwork, your job and everything else, too. I need you to step up and help!
(Demon 5 holds up a sign behind student that says–“you’re lazy”)
(God’s Word comes in and protects the student. Each time God’s Word is shared the student tears away one of the shackles and God’s Word chases a demon away and returns with a new sign.)
God’s Word 1: Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1.
(God’s Word 1 chases Demon 1 away, returns to stand next to student. Holds up sign that says “I am Christ’s”.)
Gods’ Word 2: In all these things we are more thanconquerors throughhim who loved us. Romans 8:37.
(God’s Word 2 chases Demon 2 away, returns to stand next to student. Holds up sign that says “I am victorious”)
God’s Word 3: But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9.
(God’s Word 3 chases Demon 3 away, returns to stand next to student. Holds up a sign that says “I am valuable”.)
God’s Word 4: For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10.
(God’s Word 4 chases Demon 4 away, returns to stand next to student. Holds up a sign that says “I am important”)
God’s Word 5: ButGod, beingrich in mercy,because of the great love with which he loved us,evenwhen we were dead in our trespasses,made us alive together with Christ–by grace you have been saved. Ephesians 2:4-5.
(God’s Word 5 chases Demon 5 away, returns to stand next to student. Holds up a sign that says “I am alive in Christ”.)
Student: (in prayer) Thank You heavenly Father, for the gift of Your Son Jesus, who has set me free from the demons who keep me chained in doubt. I know that through Your Son, and by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I am Your child. You have given me victory over death and the devil. You have paid the price for my sins, not with silver or gold, but with Your Son’s holy and precious blood. Use me for Your glory to share Your Word and to further Your kingdom. I pray this in the name of Your son Jesus who gives me life, amen.
(End scene)
Published May 2013