Type/Purpose: Chase/Tag, Seasonal—Fall


  • Squishy orange-ish ball or orange face paint
  • Cones or other objects

Set-Up: Mark off a boundary large enough for the group to have a little bit of room to move around in.


  • One person, The Sweet Potato (hereafter TSP), will have a dab of orange paint on them, or will be holding the orange squishy.
  • When TSP tags another player, they become the crust, and must immediately lay down. They can even have crust-like sound effects (“I’m crusty” or “Here I Yam”)
  • Other players may uncrust the crusted players by adding a little bit of whipped cream.
    • Two players stand over the crust, make aerosol whipped cream sounds (shhhhhhhh), and jump over the player, switching sides. The crust may then rise and continue running around.
  • Switch around who’s “The Sweet Potato,” and continue until the game is at its height.