Fall is one of those unusual times of seasonal limbo, in which your wardrobe transfers from shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and boots, back to shorts, etc. Cold one day, hot the next, fall colors one day, brown the next. Not knowing which seasonal portion you are in the midst of, these two activities will assume both and none, and focus on one of the fall/winter past-times that bring many together, who get it or not…football!

Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Object


  • 8 pairs of shoes (try to get an assortment of types and sizes)
  • 10 table tennis or “bouncy” balls
  • 2 cones or markers
  • Post-It notes or labels


  • Find a playing space with a hard surface—gym, concrete floor, etc.
  • Set up the 2 cones as a starting line, and arrange the shoes in the playing field. Place a number of shoes close to the line, and spread some away from it.
  • In front of each shoe, use the label to mark how many points that shoe is, from 1 to 10 (1 being the closer shoes, and 10 being the farther away ones).


  • Upon arrival, split the group into 2 groups.
  • Each round will consist of 1 player from each group. They will each recieve 5 balls.
    • On “go” they will attempt to toss their ball into the shoe of their choosing. They will recieve points (based on the label) for each ball that lands inside the shoe (it does not have to stay)
  • After the first 2 players have gone, allow the other players to try.
  • Continue play until all have tried, or play has peaked.
  • If all the players go quickly, consider allowing each player to try again.

Extra Ideas:

  • Use socks instead of balls, and award points if the sock touches the shoe at all.
  • Use different sizes and types of balls, and award them other points.
  • For discussion—discuss strategies and the idea of learning from others’ experiences.