Often times, when coming up with these game and activity ideas, I like to try and devise options that would be useful for any group: big or small, groups with lots of new members, and groups with a lot of veteran members. The goal each time is to do something that gives participants a new experience or a new twist on a game. By giving participants new experience, you are placing them all on an equal level of expertise. And hopefully allowing fun and bonding to happen at the same time. These two ideas take the ideas of trivia questions and mingling to an interesting new level.

Type/Purpose: Trivia

Trivia questions and answers (Any will do, though I would suggest really easy ones. For great ideas, check out http://www.kids-quiz-questions.org/index.htm)

Set-Up: A space with an open wall


  • For each round, only get 3-4 volunteers, and have them stand with their backs against the wall.
  • On “Go”, they will get into a wall-sit position (where they look like they are sitting in a chair, using only the back of the wall for support).
    • Once they are in the position, ask them a trivia question one by one.
  • If they cannot hold the position any longer OR cannot answer a question, they are out of the round.
  • After 2-3 rounds, begin to make the position a bit tougher to hold.
    • Ask participants to cross one leg.
    • Ask participants to put their hands above their head.
    • Ask participants to lift their heels off the ground.
  • Continue until one player is left, and then get another group, and continue on.
  • Play until play has peaked.

Extra Ideas:

  • Instead of the wall sit, stand players next to a wall or counter, and have them lift one leg off the ground at all times, and allow them to hold on to the wall/counter.
    • As play goes on, have them remove their hand, raise heel off of the ground, put hands by side, etc.
  • Hold weights above head, balance cup of water on head, hold plank position, etc.
  • Remember to be sensitive of abilities in the group. If physical related activities are perceived as an issue, ask the questions trivia team style, having teams of 3 or 4 go as questions get increasingly harder.
  • Devotional tie-in could be on being ready for faith-related questions.