Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Objects


  • Cones/markers/tape to split the playing field into four quadrants.
  • 100+ objects that won’t roll around (beanbags, newspaper balls, rubber ducks, etc.)


  • Mark off four equal areas in the playing field, and scatter an equal amount of objects in each area.
  • Split the large group into 4 equal groups, and put each group in a quadrant.


  • At “Go”, start a timer for 1 minute.
  • Players must attempt to get rid of their objects by lobbing them in 1 of the other 3 quadrants.
  • Players must stay in their quadrant.
  • They may not throw the objects specifically to hit other players.
  • The team with the least amount of objects in their quadrant after the minute wins for that round.
  • Play as many rounds as you need for the play to peak.

Extra Ideas:

  • Give points for different types of items (ducks left in the field = 20 points, newspaper balls = 5, etc.)
  • All items must be placed inside of the quadrants, as players have to run into the quadrants to “drop” the items.
  • Split the group into boys/girls, freshmen/sophomores/juniors/seniors, etc.