A dialog based on 2 Corinthians 3:4-9
Topics: Law, Gospel, Forgiveness, Hope in Christ
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(Two people meet each other in the center of the stage/chancel)

1: How’s it going?

2: Couldn’t be worse. How’s it by you?

1: Couldn’t be better.

1&2 together: 1: Gee, that’s too bad! 2: Gee, that’s great!

2: Gotta try harder.

1: Don’t have to worry.

2: It’s all so futile.

1: It’s all so marvelous.

1 & 2: What are you talking about?

2: The Code.

1: The Spirit.

2: It’s grating.

1: It’s great.

2: You know, I’ve already sinned a dozen times today.

1: Feel like I’ve been forgiven at least two dozen times this morning.

2: It’s maddening.

1: It’s marvelous.

2: “Don’t do this; don’t do that!”

1: “God in peace, your sins are forgiven.”

2: It feels like such a prison.

1: I feel pretty free.

2: “The wages of sin is death.”

1: “The free gift of God is eternal life.”

2: Law, Law, Law.

1: Gospel, Gospel and more Gospel.

2: Pretty bad news.

1: Sounds pretty good to me.

2: Do you ever stop to consider where it’s all heading?

1: (pleased) Yeah!

2: Something’s got to be done.

1: Funny, I thought it already was.

2: Seems to me God spoke pretty clearly when He gave us His commandments.

1: But clearest of all when He gave us His Son.

2: Aren’t you frightened?

1: Not particularly. Aren’t you joyful?

2: Not particularly. I look into the future and see the big unknown.

1: I see the returning Christ.

2: We know what He wants us to be like.

1: I know what He’s like.

2: Pure and holy.

1: Us or Him?

2: Both?

1: We are.

2: I’m not. And that’s what bothers me.

1: I am, at least because of Christ, and that’s what makes me happy.

2: There’s still no way of getting around the Old Covenant.

1: I thought the New Covenant had taken care of that.

2: Do you always have to have the last word?

1: Haven’t you heard? Christ’s Gospel is always the final word!
Originally published in Resources for Youth Ministry 75:3.
Republished and revised in May 2012 for thESource.