A Bible study based on Haggai’s prophecy encouraging us to run with God’s timing to fulfill His purpose for our lives.
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People around the world, from economists to the common person, worry about the challenges targeting today’s global economy. Dipping house markets, fluctuating job markets, family breakdowns and increasing violence have become part of everyday news. There is a larger decline in morality and every church is faced with challenges like never before.
As Christians living in these troubled times, we feel the pressure. Satan, with his 2000 plus years of expertise, distracts us with every possible trouble and makes us lose focus on our walk with God. In spite of understanding the ABCs of becoming a Christian, the Ten Commandments and all key promises from the Bible, we struggle to keep our spiritual life consistent. We’re not so different from the people of Judah during Haggai’s time.
This four-part Bible study takes a look at how God transformed the people of Judah to become a fruitful nation. God sent a message to the people of Judah and its leaders to follow God’s timing and rebuild the temple. As they obeyed His command God encouraged them with His promise to send His spirit among them. Their troubles were turned to real blessings from God. God insisted they live a clean and holy life because they were chosen by the Almighty. He expects the same to be our daily goal.
I pray that this study will enable you to rebuild your temple, obey God’s voice, trust His promise and work towards the purpose that God has called you as His chosen vessel so that you will experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in your life during troubled times. May the Lord be glorified as you walk from glory to glory in your renewed spiritual life.
Part One: Running with God to Rebuild Our Temple
Part Two: Running with God to Receive Strength and Peace
Part Three: Running with God to Lead a Holy Life
Part Four: Running with God to Be His Signet Ring