Offer a service and ask for sponsors or payment. Some examples include:
Sponsor a Week of Church Lawn Maintenance
Members are asked to sponsor a week of church-lawn maintenance–the service being provided by the youth. Matching funds were also obtained.
Each year, part of the funds are set aside for a) attending District Camp and youth gatherings, etc.; b) some improvement of the church’s facility (e.g. new sign); and c) for the National Youth Gathering.
from Rev. Clare Skov
Parents Night Out
Once a month (first Saturday of every month) or so, host a parents’ night out where the youth group watches the kids and lets mom and dad go out on one of those needed romantic dates. Make sure you have a sign-up so that you know how many youth you need to baby-sit and set time frames and cost per kid (or family). Then set up lots of activities for the kids you are watching and they will want to come back each month.
A variation of this is Christmas Day Out where you do the same thing so mom and/or dad can do some Christmas shopping without the kids.
from 2010 National Youth Gathering Resources