Penny Wars
Penny Wars are a fun way to challenge your youth and make money at the same time. Divide your youth into teams, typically boys vs. girls works best. Have each team designate a name for itself. Each team then gets a penny jar which should be placed in a prominent location in the youth room. The teams then go to war with each other, and the ammunition in this war is pennies!
Pennies are worth one point each. Every other type of currency is worth negative points (nickels = -5 points, dollars = -100 points, etc.) The goal is to have the most points, so members from each team should put pennies into their team’s jar, but should place dollars and other forms of currency in the “enemy’s” jar. This is a fun and no expense fundraiser for your group. Share with your youth where the funds will be going; you can bring people from outside the youth group (i.e. parents) in on this too, if you want. Recognize the winning team with special refreshments during a Sunday morning/weekday Bible study meeting.
from Tim Roggow, DCE
Water Bottle Bank
 Put a large water bottle–like the ones used on machines–in a prominent place in the church building. Ask people to drop their pocket change into it over a period of time. Let them know how much you hope to have by what date and specifically what it will go toward.
from Karen Dutton