Start planning now for Lent! Use these resources to help in your planning.

When You Fast
This article is designed to help you think about fasting during Lent. While not necessary, it can be spiritual practice for our benefit.

The Passion of the Christ Viewing Guide
The Passion of the Christ is a powerful film experience. youthESource has provided this viewing guide to help youth leaders prepare youth and parents to see this moving film.

Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul, by Jonathan Ruehs
Why we celebrate Lent, and things to do with your group during this time.

Worship: Christ in the Midst of Crisis by Bill Wolbrecht
A worship experience styled after the Stations of the Cross, for use during Lent.

Bible Study: Who is Jesus? Who are We?, by Kristin Schmidt
These seven lessons follow Christ’s life, with each study based on a theme of Jesus’s character or ministry, focusing on how that aspect relates to our Christian lives today. These lessons are geared to a range of middle and high school audiences, but can of course be adapted and enhanced for more specific age groups. Use the studies as a seven-week series or as part of a retreat.

Chancel Dramas for Six Lenten Services, by Tawn Bueltmann
These six dramas are based on the Series B Gospel for Lent.  They require a minimal amount of costuming or props and are meant as a springboard for the themes of the Gospel readings.

Six Short Dramas for Lent, by Tom Rogers
Fear – A young man named Paul faces a major obstacle and learns about fear in the life of a Christian.
Suffering – A family listens to the evening’s newscast and wonders how to respond to all the suffering in the world.
Passion – A young man and woman wonder what has happened to passion and to caring about other people.
Confidence – A student tells her classmates where her confidence comes from.
Love – Five girls talk about how this world sees love and what love really is.
Humility – A couple guys play basketball and learn about humility and greatness.

Six Shades of Purple: Six Chancel Dramas for Lent, by Dean Nadasdy
Each of the dramas is built on a Series C Gospel for Lent. They are intentionally short and require a minimum of rehearsal. Each has few characters, making recruitment less burdensome. The dramas are parables, meant to highlight themes in the day’s Gospel. They are designed to take 5-10 minutes in the service and call for little costuming or set design.

Colossians Through Lent by Pastor Ben Meyer
A Beautiful Place, A Beautiful People
The Colossal Problem
Nothing Beyond Jesus
Don’t Overlook the Treasure of Baptism
Questions and Answers in Colossians
Living as the Baptized

Lyrics of Lent Devotions, by Jennifer Probst
Abide with Me
Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
Go to Dark Gethsemane

Lenten Songs Devotions, by Rebekah Freed
A Different Kind of Mingling
Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters
But First, the Cross
Knowing an Unknowable Love
Where Were You?

Seven Words Devotions, by Pastor Jacob Heine
A Word of Forgiveness
A Word of Promise
Word of Love
A Word of Peace
A Word of Desire
A Word of Release

Easter Resources:

Step by Step into Easter by Eric Dunn

The goal of this study is to talk about the resurrection of Christ and the wonderful joy that can be found in that. It looks at the events that led up to Jesus’ crucifixion. We need to be reminded of the suffering that Jesus was willing to endure for us as well, the suffering that should have been ours. This could be used as a longer single study or it could be broken up into a few studies as we are covering quite a bit of material throughout the study.

The Joy of the Resurrection, by Chad Huber
In this Easter drama, two friends share the joy of a favorite team’s success. This modern day story then becomes interwoven with the account of Jesus’ resurrection.

On Our Way to Easter, by Sally Hiller
In this resource, you will find many ideas for celebrating this most joyous of occasions. First, you will discover a basic worship experience. Then follow several ideas and suggestions to be used with this service or separately.

Drama: Doubting Thomas, by Ron Unger
This drama is based on the Gospel reading for the second Sunday of Easter, lectionary series B.

Easter Bible Study: He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!, by Candice Hill
Easter is the story of God’s fulfilled promise and His almighty power that accomplished His plan for our salvation! This is why we proclaim, “Alleluia!” meaning, “Praise the Lord!” We celebrate Easter to praise God for our salvation in Christ. Taking a fresh look at the Resurrection account this Easter may give us a renewed appreciation of what God did that Sunday morning.