Many Bible texts assure us of God’s love; others focus on the love God’s people have for one another. Still, we often feel lonely, isolated, and afraid that no one loves us. These three Bible studies are designed to help us explore some of our fears of being unloved as we seek the Spirit’s help to open us to receive caring from others.
These studies offer an opportunity:
  • to let God affirm His love for us;
  • to open up to others so they can care for us;
  • to let God use us to care for others.
Remember, it is not easy to talk about being unloved, so be sure to listen compassionately as each person shares. As leader, you will want to think through each study as you decide how to respond to each participants needs and what parts of each study will fit your group.
Download a PDF of With Arms Outstretched.
The PDF includes:
Part One: With Arms Outstretched to Receive God’s Love
In the midst of all the talk of love in the world, both Christian and secular, there are still times when we wonder if anyone cares about us. In this study we want to hear God affirm His love for us.
Part Two: With Arms Outstretched to Receive Love from Others
 God assures us of His love for us through His word, but He also loves us through others. This study will help us explore ways to open ourselves to others around us to sense their love for us.
Part Three: With Arms Outstretched to Care for Others
The outstretched arms of God and others reach out to help us feel loved. God also intends to touch others with His love using our outstretched arms. This study will help us become more sensitive to the unloved feelings of others and consider ways to care about them.