Type/Purpose: Chase/Tag


  • Props for boundaries (cones, chairs, etc.)
  • A semi-large playing area for the group
  • White strips of cloth (optional)

Set-Up: Mark off the playing area


  • Whenever a player moves in this game, they can only move similarly to a knight in chess: either one space forward and two sideways, or one space sideways and two forward, etc.
  • Choose one player to be “it”; they will be the “White Knight.” The other players will position themselves around the playing area and be the “Black Knights”.
  • The Black Knights get to move first, moving a total of 3 steps (1 up 2 right, or 1 left 2 down, etc.)
  • Then the White Knight moves, and play alternates. If a White Knight reaches and tags a Black Knight, they turn into a White Knight, and on the next White Knight turn, may begin tagging people.
  • Play continues until all of the players are White Knights.
  • Optional addition: White Knights wear the strips of cloth as bandanas, bracelets, etc.

Extra Ideas:

  • Map off a giant grid with tape or chalk, and allow players to only move three squares (in an ‘L’ shape) at a time.
  • In a smaller group, identify 1 White Knight, and the rest of the players as Pawns. They start at one end of the boundary, and at each turn, may move one space forward.
  • Instead of turning into White Knights, if a Pawn is tagged, they must freeze.
  • If any one of the Pawns makes it to the other side before being tagged, the Pawns win.
  • Discuss different kinds of strategies for playing this game, ask what was involved in your decisions for how to move.
  • Discuss how this might relate to the strategy of the youth ministry or youth group.
  • Eat chess pie!