This one-part Bible study looks at the story of Joseph throughout his life to see how God was leading him and how God still leads us today.

Topics: Life After Youth Group

Download a PDF of the Let’s Talk…The Future Bible Study and leader’s guide.

Where is God Leading Me?
One of the struggles that we all deal with is wondering where God is leading us. What does our future hold? What will happen to us as we grow older?
For youth, the questions usually center around choice of college, future spouse, and career. You may see the older members of your group discuss college entrance exams and debate where to go to college (and what to study).
Certainly, concerns about the future change as we grow older. For young adults, issues of marriage, children, and possible disillusionment with a career choice are a major focus. Older adults may face the questions and doubts of mid-life and/or the empty nest. Regardless of age, all of us wonder what the future will hold. We may ask, “How do I know what God’s will is?” or “How does this event in my life affect the future?
In this study, we will touch down on the story of Joseph at several different times of his life and reflect on how God was leading him through life. We will apply the story of Joseph to our own lives and see how God leads us today. (The student pages should be copied and distributed to group members.)
Suggested Uses for this Resource
  • Use for Sunday morning Bible study.
  • Plan a youth night around the topic of the future and God’s leading, with this piece as the focus.
  • Discuss following God’s leadership during a lock-in or weekend retreat.
  • Make a copy of the questions page for a youth who comes to you with concerns.
  • Have a special Bible study for the seniors who are approaching graduation and are faced with “future-stress”.
Joe is a seventeen-year old member of St. Joseph Lutheran Church. What are some of the changes that he will face in his life in the next ten years?
Have the group brainstorm all of the changes they can think of and write them on newsprint. Among them will be: graduating high school, graduating college, leaving home, marriage, possible divorce, birth of children, purchase of new car, possible purchase of first house, first steps in career, etc. Ask the students which changes they think would be more difficult or fearful. Discuss their feelings behind their choices. Which do they think would be the easiest changes? Again discuss why. Ask youth where God fits in all of these changes. Explain that we have a whole book full of examples of people who allowed God to lead them–it is the Bible! In this study we will look at one person’s life–Joseph–and we will see through his eyes the worries and stresses about the future and the amazing outcome!

Published April 2011