When talking about dating and relationships with youth, it can be effective to divide the group along gender lines. Have an adult male lead a discussion for guys and an adult female lead a discussion for girls.

This talk sheet takes a close look at how Christian men should treat their sisters in Christ. It is written for guys; however, with some adaptations, it could also provide some good talking points for girls.

Download the PDF of How Should a Godly Man Treat a Woman?

Here is a “sneak peek” of the study:

Who is it harder to be patient with, your mom or your best friend?

Why do men often fail to treat women with respect?

Why aren’t we braver and more honorable when it comes to pursuing, romancing, or breaking up with a girl?

Biblically every Christian woman is your sister (even your girlfriend) unless she is your wife. If that is true, how are you doing at treating women the way you are supposed to treat them?

Rank these manly responsibilities. 1 being easiest for you, 10 being hardest.

As it pertains to his sisters (women), a man should…
___ protect her from selfish and perverse men.
___ defend and build up her public and private reputation.
___ assure that she has what she needs and if she doesn’t, provide it.
___ encourage her in her relationship with the Lord.
___ set for her, an example of a Godly man.
___ build her up as a woman of God.
___ get to know her heart and encourage her Godly desires.
___ treat her with respect.
___ gently correct and assist her when she is in the wrong.
___ be honest and open about your care and concern for her.
Read 1 Peter 3:7.
How are we supposed to treat women?
Why does the scripture say to treat them like a “weaker vessel” or “like porcelain”?
Is it calling them weak?
Is it calling them precious?