This month’s theme for games focuses on ideas to try at your up and coming Christmas events. Additionally, the first two hone in on the theme of being unique and individual. Feel free to use as opening activities to the Bible Study featured this month: Redesigning the Created Human Being.

The third idea is just good clean fun!





A good supply of each of the following

   Beads that fit on pipe cleaners

   Pipe cleaners

   Glue, Glitter, Markers, Construction Paper, Scissors

   Yarn, Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands

   Pine Cones

Handkercheifs/Blindfolds (one for each participant)

Your favorite Christmas music and a device for playing it



Set up a table or two where you can place all the supplies, and set up chairs around the tables so that everyone has access to the materials.



 Before bringing out the supplies, have the participants sit in the chairs, then blindfold each of them. Let them know that they will have 15 minutes to create their own Christmas Ornaments. They may ask others at their table for ideas, or share their own, but may not remove their blindfolds until the time is done. During that time, feel free to play some music (but not so loud that conversation can’t take place among them).


After the time, ask a couple participants to share what they made. Additionally, you may  ask:

   How did your creation differ from what you were picturing blindfolded?

   How did your creation reflect your personality/uniqueness?

   What was the experience like?



Extra Ideas:

Save time at the end for participants to create ornaments again, but this time they can see.

Hang the ornaments in your youth room/area as a reminder of uniqueness.

Instead of ornaments, have different shaped sugar cookies set out with a frosting and sprinkle bonanza. Eat and Repeat.


Snowflake Frisbee Toss




Card Stock 1 piece for each participant




 Give each of the participants a piece of card stock, and ask them all to make a snowflake out of it. After they have made them, divide the group into two or three groups (or more, depending on size of your group), and take them to an open space (like a gym or fellowship hall). Ask the participants to form lines with their group behind a common start line.



 The first player from each team will hurl their snow flake as far as they can. Whoever goes the furthest gets 20 points, next is 10, third is 5, etc. They then retrieve their snow flakes and go to the end of the line. Play resumes until all have thrown.


Extra Ideas:

Have more than one round. The second round involves throwing behind your back, the third is between your legs. Or try it with your non-dominant hand, cross-eyed, standing on one leg, on your knees, etc.

Turn it into a relay, where you have to throw your snowflake, then go to it, pick it up again, and keep throwing until it gets to a common end point. Then throw it back until it gets back to your group.


Christmas Songs: Unplugged



Cones or other boundry markers

Craft Bells one for each participant

A deck of cards (or more, if you have more than 52 participants

Clothes Pins one for each participant

At least 2 hula hoops

Buttons one for each participant



 Within your playing area, set up the following stations. Be sure to space them out a little bit.

   Set up a square with four cones, and place the pile of bells in the middle

   Set up another square, with the cards scattered all throughout

   Another square with the clothespins

   Another square with the buttons in it

   Set up 2 cones marking the boundry of an imaginary line

   Set up another imaginary line

   Set up a station with the hula hoops briefly spaced out


Explanation and Play:

 Explain to the participants that each of the stations is based on a Christmas song. When they hear the name of the song, they are going to run to that station and perform the action related to the song. The stations are as follows:

  • Silver Bells Run to the square with the bells, pick one up and shake it

  • Deck the Halls Run to that square, pick up a card from the ‘deck’, and hold it on your forehead

  • Rudolph Run to the square with the clothes pins, and clamp one on your nose (or just hold it above your nose)

  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Run to one of the lines, and lay down

  • O Holy Night Run to the hula hoops, and place at least one foot inside one of them

  • I Saw Three Ships Run to the other imaginary line, sit down, and begin rowing

  • Frosty the Snowman Run to the square with the buttons, and place one on your nose


Play some rounds so that the participants get the hang of it, then begin to eliminate those who get to the station last. Continue to eliminate until you have a winner.


Extra Ideas:

To ease on your budget, consider cheaper versions of each of these. For instance, instead of shaking a bell, run into the square, sway, and yell “Ding Dong”. Instead of wearing buttons as a snowman, stick one hand against your nose, and point your finger (like a carrot)

Instead of yelling out the name of the song, have them on a mix, and randomly change the songs.

Focus a devotion on a common hymn, focusing on some of the meaning and intention behind it.