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College 101is filled with practical advice on preparing for life on campus. Because this book was developed by college students, its words of advice and counsel sound genuine to the reader. Developed from their personal experiences, the writings provide a perspective that no other can. Since the authors are also active leaders in campus ministry, their advice reflects Christian beliefs and prepares the reader for the challenges that a Christian faces on campus.







by Rev. John Oberdeck

The author encourages pastors, Directors of Christian Education, youth ministry volunteers, college or seminary students or anyone who has an interest in youth ministry, adolescent development, and practical theology to read this book. 

This book examines what Lutheran theology adds to the whole field of youth ministry that isn’t found elsewhere.  It begins with an introduction to Eutychus, who is a paradigm of adolescent development.






Lutheranism 101 examines Lutheran beliefs and heritage in a fresh way. If you are a lifelong Lutheran searching for more information or new to Lutheranism looking to understand what we believe, this book will be your guide. It is written in an easy-to-read conversational style with short articles, side-bar features, and some humor. Lutheranism 101 helps create a solid foundation of reference upon which a lifetime of sound teaching can be built.









Go to the movies and who are you likely to run into? The students from your youth group. Youth and young adults very frequently, go to the movies; they rent movies; they download movies.

And now, with the help of Big Screen Bible Studies, you can teach your students how to watch these movies through the light of God’s Word. Explore popular movies and show students how they relate to God, even in the car chases and comedy.

This reproducible downloadable study examines the blockbuster film, The Book of Eli, and is ideal for a 6 session study.