As a mother of three little ones, we read a lot of books. One book is a Berenstein Bears book where they are competing. Papa can jump, sister can jump farther, and brother can jump farthest. Then it repeats, “far, farther farthest…good, better, best.” It does this for several events until each character has been best at something. The entire book is about comparing what one person can do with what another person is doing.So often I get caught in that trap too, especially when it comes to my relationship with God.

Close, closer, closest.  I look to a friend who is more faithful in devotion time or spends more time in prayer than I do and I compare myself to them. If only I did it like they do, maybe then I would be closer to God. If only I bought this new devotional, this new journal, if only….

The problem is, God created us all different. I am not Martin Luther, and my faith would not thrive in seclusion at a monastery like his did during a portion of his life. God created me different. My faith seems to thrive when I’m involved in community.Small group Bible studies, prayer time with friends, etc.God created me that way and He will provide ways for me to grow closer to Him. 

Does this mean that we just sit back and let it happen? No way. James 4:8 says “come near to God and He will come near to you.”God desires for us to come near Him, to come closer. One way to come closer to Him is to talk with Him. Spend time with Him in prayer. He’s waiting with outstretched arms for you. He desires one on one time with each of us. We need to make sure that time with God is a priority in our lives, not the last thing on the list that we may or may not get to today. Martin Luther once said, “Tomorrow I plan to work, work, from early until late. In fact I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”Martin Luther realized the importance of spending time with Christ, even when he was going to have a crazy busy day, he saw that as reason to spend even more time than usual in prayer. 

I challenge you to make a plan, a plan to revolve your day around prayer. Don’t look at your neighbor to determine how much you need to spend in prayer, look at your own life. Only you know where you stand and how you can grow closer through prayer. 

Dear Lord, please be with each of us this week as we strive to spend more time in communication with you. Lord, draw us to you. Help us to grow closer to you each day and to make that a priority in our every day lives. Amen.