Last time we looked at the fact that the Youth Gathering is something that we can use as a ministry tool. Not only is the Gathering a powerful, impactful event, but it is also an event that can be used to invite people who need their faith strengthened, or who need to hear the great news of Jesus! What an opportunity we have!

But, why should you come to the Youth Gathering? Why should you invite your friends? I would encourage you to talk to people who have gone. Talk to people who have had their life impacted by this experience in the faith. During each of our three initial informational meetings, I encouraged a few youth to share their testimonial about their Gathering experience, and I as well talked about how powerful of a spiritual impact this has had, and continues to have on my life.  The five Gatherings I have been to have been 5 of the best moments of my life…. Those have been some of the closest times I have had with my Lord. As my youth shared their thoughts about the one and only time they got to go (’07 in Orlando) I was amazed to hear the same story come out of their mouths. Not only did they have fun, but they really grew in their relationships with other Christian youth and with their Lord Jesus Christ.

They didn’t know what to expect when they first signed up.Some expected it to be boring and others expected it to be a conference with a lot of “Bible beaters.”But once they got the chance to experience the Gathering, they realized that they were not alone. There are literally thousands of teenagers around the world who are just like them – struggling for acceptance and meaning in their lives, wanting to be cared for and loved, and wanting simply to have fun.

That’s what the Gathering is my friends.It’s a safe place where youth will have an awesome time. It’s a place where all youth are loved and accepted. It’s a place where our common ground is the love, mercy, and grace that God so freely gives us. It’s a place where youth can rejoice with each other knowing that they are saved and redeemed children of the Most High God. It truly is the place to be – don’t miss out. Visit today.

God’s Peace!