Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Object

Group Size 20+


  • raised dividing line/volleyball net
  • a marked off “Activity Area” with materials for activity area
  • at least 5 each of 4 different soft throwable items (i.e. plush footballs, sockballs, dodgeballs of different colors, etc…)
  • signs/posterboard – This provides a key for the previously listed items
  • scoreboard

Octi-Ball combines many mini-games into one. Players lob items over a line to other teams. Each time an item is caught, there is an activity listed connected to that item. Players complete the activity, mark a point, and continue play. If a player is hit with the item, but does not catch, they must make an explosion sound (“Boom”) and continue play. Play continues until a team scores 25 points, or a higher point range if group is larger.

On the posterboard you would label:

  • Soft footballs = Sing ABC’s while balancing a cup of jello on your head.
  • White Sockballs = 10 jumping jacks
  • Black sockballs = blowing 6 bubbles
  • Orange dodgeballs = getting the signature of an adult leader
  • Red dodgeballs = putting together a 10 piece puzzle

Upon play, player A catches a black sockball. They would walk over to the activity area, blow six bubbles, mark a point on the board for their team, and continue back into play.


  • You might adapt the activities to fit a theme or lesson. For example, one of the activities might be finding another name in the Reformation word search, or reciting one of the 10 commandments until all are named, etc.
  • An outdoor variation might include objects of water balloons, water bombs, wet sponges, etc.