Confession is good for the soul. So, in a time of private confession before God, ponder these questions. Have I ever been stopped by an officer for driving too fast and, when asked the question, “Do you know how fast you were going?” have I ever responded by saying, “No,” even though I knew full well that I was driving like Jeff Gordon on steroids? Have I ever walked into a meeting 20 minutes late and said something like, “Sorry I’m late. Traffic out there is terrible!” even though I knew full well that traffic out there is not terrible? Indeed, the reason I was 20 minutes late is because I woke up five minutes ago after passing out on the living room sofa watching Oprah.* Have I ever stretched the truth, told half the truth, rearranged the facts, or told a tale about “the one that got away”? Because if I have, then I confess that I have broken the eighth commandment. And if I have just belligerently maintained that I have not done any of these things, ever, then I confess that I am now breaking the eighth commandment.

Download a PDF of Apologia: Thou Shalt Not Fib – The Eighth Commandment