In our media saturated world it’s hard to hear what matters in the midst of what doesn’t.  Lines get crossed and communication fails in this brother-sister dialogue. 

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Theme: Listening to God, Family

Text: 1 Kings 19:11-13 “Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart … but the Lord was not in the wind … the Lord was not in the earthquake … the Lord was not in the fire … after the fire came a gentle whisper … Elijah heard it.

Scene opens. Devon, a typical teen is hanging out in his typical bedroom. TV with video game, stereo with loud music (tobyMac), computer with IM all running. His cell phone rings. Across the stage is another typical teen room. Same scenario. This is a girl’s room, hair blow dryer, TV, stereo (Barlow Girls) and computer. Cali is making the call to Devon.

Devon: [phone is ringing] Just a second. [keeps playing video game] Just a second. [continues to play] JUST a second [dies on screen] MAN! [grabs phone] Hello? Hello? [looks at phone] One missed call. Ok. Cali. Whatever. [turns up stereo and goes back to playing game]

Cali: [while Devon is playing, SHE is the caller, disconnects AS he picks up phone, she is blow drying hair the entire time but shuts off to say:] Why won’t he just ANSWER that thing. It’s called shared minutes! [turns up stereo and blow dryer back on]

Devon: [decides to call but doesn’t stop playing game] Answer. ComeOn. Answer! Jeez already. [disconnects as Cali answers phone]

Cali: [turns of dryer] Fine. [says loudly to phone] STOP CALLING ME! [goes to laptop] vidgameguy23: hey jerk. Why aren’t you answering your phone?

Devon: [hearing IM alert and pulls laptop over] OH! It’s YOU princesspea48: because you don’t answer yours!

Cali: [laughing cynically] Nice answer vidgameguy23: whatever! Call! I can talk now! [picks back up her blow dryer]

Devon: [calls cell phone, Cali answers WITH dryer going] Hey!

Cali: [she can hear him fine] What?

Devon: [can’t hear a THING] HEY!

Cali: WHAT?

Devon: Turn off that hair dryer, jeez what is your problem!

Cali: What? What did you just say to me? You are such a total toad, Devon. Just Text Me.

Devon: Just tell you? I can’t hear you!

Cali: NO! Just TEXT ME!

Devon: You’re telling me? Telling me what? [he hangs up in frustration]

Cali: [tosses phone on bed in frustration] Toad.

Devon: Loser.

Both turn up music and TV.

Mom enters between playing/scene space. Clearly this is the HALLWAY between two bedrooms.

Mom: Devon! Cali! [waits for response in the midst of the noise] DEVON MICHAEL! CALI MARIE! [Devon and Cali turn of all sounds. Total quiet.]

Devon: [sticking head out of bedroom] Yeah Mom?

Cali: [stepping to doorway] What do you need Mom?

Mom: We’re running late, Church — let’s go. Are the two of your ready to read the Bible texts for the service today?

Devon: I’ve been trying to ASK her that.

Cali: Devon won’t even answer his phone.

Mom: [turning to go] Maybe you two could try face-to-face talking … what a concept. Tends to work. Let’s go.

Devon and Cali stand looking at each other.

Cali: Okay, Devon. Can you hear me now?

Devon: [getting the joke and grinning] Yep. Are we ready to read? You bringing your Bible, or should I bring mine?

Cali: I got it. Let’s go.

They begin to exit. Hear cell phone. Look at each other.

Devon: Yours or Mine?

Cali: Do we care? Let’s go.