Genesis 8:6-11
By: Michelle Lynn Sperberg

Michelle Sperberg passed to eternal life with Jesus during the night of November 9, 2003 at the age of 17. Michelle battled cancer for three years. Her faith was an example to her friends and family and she was ready to pass into Jesus’ arms. When Michelle wrote the following devotion, published in Stand Your Ground © 2001 CPH, she was just beginning her battle with cancer. Her words of faith and hope stand as a testament and an inspiration to us all. 

I am 14-years-old and recently was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer. During my stay at the hospital, my mother and I prayed for strength to help me make it through the rough time with chemotherapy and the surgeries that followed.

One day a pigeon flew outside my window and sat pretty as ever with the bright sun shining down on him. At first we didn’t think too much of this bird, but then we noticed that he would leave and return again each morning and each night to sit by my window.

As time went by, my chemotherapy was getting a little easier to handle. My mother and I continued to pray together. The pigeon became a symbol of God’s peace in my life. In a way, this pigeon reminded me of the dove Noah sent out from the ark. Noah’s dove left the ark to find land and returned again to its temporary home. Noah’s dove lifted his spirits when it returned with the olive branch. The daily visits from the pigeon reminded me of God’s care for Noah and helped keep my spirits high.

God’s Son left the comfort of His heavenly home to stand by my side. Jesus became the sacrifice by which my sins are forgiven. In Christ’s resurrection, I have the hope of heaven. I found strength to endure through the love of Jesus. I have had major surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. With God’s help, I will walk again one day. Through the promises in His Word, God keeps me growing stronger with each passing day.

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for the show of strength and wisdom You have shown me in a time of need. Help me to trust in You so I may leave all worries with You. Please keep me in Your loving arms today, tomorrow, and always. In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

From Stand Your Ground © 2001 CPH.  Used with permission