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Parenting Point: Vocations for All

Even though our children are still figuring out what kind of career they will have as adults, God has vocations for them now in other areas of their lives. Continue reading

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Devotion: Whatever You Do

a devotion on vocation based on Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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Devotion: Keep Your Vocation Wheel Turning

a devotion on vocation based on Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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Devotion: Are you F.I.N.E.?

a devotion on vocation using Colossians 3:17 Continue reading

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Family Event: Exploring Careers

by Steve Sonnenberg Download a PDF of the Family Event: Exploring Careers. OBJECTIVES That with the help of the Holy Spirit this study will: Promote conversations between youth and adults that focus on career choices and experiences; Identify with St….

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Devotion: The Vocation Equation

a devotion about vocation Continue reading

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Devotion: Which Masks Do You Wear?

Last week was homecoming at Concordia University. The theme for this year was “Masquerade” and there was a colorful display of masks to be seen at the dance. Prior to the dance there was an event where everyone who wished…

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Devotion: Masks of Our Lord God

When I was studying at the Seminary, a few of us students went down to Morgan Street Brewery on Halloween night. The uncreative bunch we were, we went without thinking to dress up for the occasion. To our surprise almost…

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Apologia: Vocation, the Chance to Serve in Plain Clothes

When we talk about the work of God, we often use the word vocation, and rightly so, but where we sometimes
make the mistake is when we use the word vocation to mean the same thing as occupation. Continue reading

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Where are you going?

Encouraging youth to consider church-work careers Continue reading

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