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All Things New: Three Words that Should be Banned in your Youth Room

We’re in the process of redoing the youth room at the church I serve at. The youth have been without a designated room for a few years, so we’re converting one of the other rooms back into a youth room….

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Devotion: Walk with God

a devotion for new youth workers on personal spiritual growth Continue reading

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All Things New: The Relevant Gospel

Relevancy isn’t found in a certain format, style or way of “doing church” but in the very Word of God being preached, sung, taught and lived out in a way that shows the complete sufficiency of Christ in our lives. Continue reading

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All Things New: Question-Free Zone

In this latest All Things New blog post, Brandon reminds us of the questions we should be asking and where to find the answers. Continue reading

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Devotion: First Things First

a devotion for youth workers on Joshua 1:7-9 Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the Word

Don’t Forget the Word

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is paramount for us as believers. Continue reading

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Questions for God: Who Wrote the Bible?

Who wrote the Bible? Continue reading

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Skit: Thirsty for the Word

Skit: Thirsty for the Word

A Wanderer stumbles upon an oasis in the Desert of Sin and finds what he is most thirsty for. Continue reading

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Devotion: Letter from God

Devotion: Letter from God

a devotion on 2 Corinthians 3:3 Continue reading

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Devotion: One Little Word

Devotion: One Little Word

a devotion on 1 Peter 5:8-9 Continue reading

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