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Apologia Talks: Helpers – The Tenth Commandment

God calls on us to honor the gift of individuals that He has placed in the lives of others. Continue reading

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Apologia Talks: Coveting – The Ninth Commandment

When we covet what God has given to our neighbors, we hurt them and their use of that gift in the way God intended. Continue reading

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Apologia Talks: A Life for a Life – The Fifth Commandment

Plastered all over the media are stories related to life issues. How are we to respond as Christians? Continue reading

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Apologia Talks: Rest. The Work is Done! – The Third Commandment

Now, because of Jesus, the Sabbath is not one day a week, but our entire lives in Christ. His forgiveness is yours every second of every day. His love and mercy now define you. Continue reading

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Apologia: The First Commandment

Apologia: The First Commandment

God gave the commandment to “worship Him alone” as the first since it teaches us to understand the foundation and source of our eternity and morality. Continue reading

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Apologia: Question Authority – The Fourth Commandment

Apologia: Question Authority – The Fourth Commandment

Respect is no longer something that is given; it must be earned. This mindset is difficult enough to address on its own. When you add corrupt politicians and absent or abusive parents into the mix, teaching the Fourth Commandment in today’s world can become quite a daunting task. Continue reading

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Apologia: The Second Commandment

Apologia: The Second Commandment

On the second commandment, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord our God.” Continue reading

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Apologia: Thou Shalt Not Fib – The Eighth Commandment

Apologia: Thou Shalt Not Fib – The Eighth Commandment

Have I ever stretched the truth, told half the truth, rearranged the facts, or told a tale about “the one
that got away”? Because if I have, then I confess that I have broken the eighth commandment. Continue reading

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