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What a Choice

Talk Sheet: What a Choice

Our salvation and our daily protection are not mere chance, nor are they a sign that we are better than others. They are the kindnesses of God which are undeserved and yet are a part of God’s intended plan Continue reading

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Lectionary Bible Study

Word One: The Gate to Paradise (Easter 4A Gospel)

A Bible study on salvation and how to get to heaven using John 10:1-10. Continue reading

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Word One: Paying the Price (Pentecost 16C Gospel)

A Bible study on salvation using Luke 14:25-33. Continue reading

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Word One: The Narrow Way (Pentecost 14C Gospel)

A Bible study on salvation and Christian witness using Luke 13: 22-30. Continue reading

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Word One: Plan 3000 Plus (Trinity B Epistle)

a Bible study about God’s plan for salvation using Acts 2:14a, 22-36 Continue reading

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Bible Study: A Visit to Narnia

This four-part Bible study takes us to the world of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia, and looks at Edmund’s story of redemption and how it relates to our own. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Jesus and Culture

Bible Study: Jesus and Culture

This four-part Bible study looks at who Jesus is and answers questions like What has the cultural embrace of a distorted Jesus done to our view of our Savior? Does the insertion of a distorted Jesus into secular culture make the culture more Christian, or Christianity more secular? Should Jesus simply be my Savior, or must He also be all those things that a therapeutic culture demands? Continue reading

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