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Bible Study: Noah Movie

In spite of the warning signs that Noah would not be a very Biblical movie, many Christians went to see the movie with high expectations and experienced a big let-down. This study should help you understand what happened and draw hope from the true story of Noah! Continue reading

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Bible Study: Remember the Titans – A House Divided

a Bible study on unity in the Body of Christ, based on the movie Remember the Titans Continue reading

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Bible Study: Pay It Forward

a Bible study based on the movie Pay It Forward Continue reading

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Viewing Guide: The Passion of the Christ

a viewing guide and other resources for the film The Passion of the Christ Continue reading

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Bible Study: E.T. – The Extraterrestrial

Bible Study: E.T. – The Extraterrestrial

This study on the movie E.T. takes a look at friendship and discipleship. Continue reading

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Bible Study: The Nativity Story

This four-part Bible study uses the movie The Nativity Story and is a great resource for Advent. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Hall of Heroes

Bible Study: Hall of Heroes

We stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes of the past in the great Kingdom halls of our Savior! Continue reading

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War Horse Bible Study

War Horse Bible Study

Bible study for use with the film War Horse. Continue reading

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Spiderman 3 Bible Study: Forgiveness Fights Your Dark Side

Spiderman 3 Bible Study: Forgiveness Fights Your Dark Side

Sin sticks and takes on a life of its own. The evil we fight is often staring back at us in the mirror. Sin can often be blamed on aliens from another planet, but our dark side can only be faced with a resounding bell of truth. Forgiveness, like sin, is catchy. When we embrace God’s forgiveness and healing, we can forgive others and bring healing to relationships. Continue reading

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