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The Ultimate youthESource Retreat Planning Workbook

All you need to plan your next youth retreat. Continue reading

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Servin’ Lovin’ Praisin’: Time for a Retreat!

Servin’ Lovin’ Praisin’: Time for a Retreat!

We need to try to eliminate most of the drama within our groups before we can ever invite others into the group or go out and share Jesus’ love with others outside of our group. Youth retreats can help! Continue reading

0 Comments / 25 View / September 1, 2011

Church Spun Retreats

What if a prepackaged retreat doesn’t fit your group’s needs? Consider starting from scratch and developing a home spun retreat to extend the church’s mission and directly meet the needs of the youth. Continue reading

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Retreat Planning 101

The top things you should think about when planning a retreat. Continue reading

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Arriving, Surviving and Thriving at Your Middle School Retreat

Planning a retreat for middle schoolers is an opportunity for you to invest in the growth of your students’ spiritual lives, build relationships with them, and have a lot of fun together. Done properly, I believe a retreat can have a life-long impact. Continue reading

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