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Stress Bible Study

Our Scary World and Our Living God – A Bible Study on Stress

This Bible study uses the story of the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24 to help our youth find hope in Jesus. Yes, it’s the Sunday school answer – and that’s okay! The fact that we have hope in the risen Christ truly trumps any of our problems, and allows us to be a light in the darkness of our scary world. Continue reading

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Stress Bible Study

Bible Study: From Above, Around, or Within

This Bible study discusses and addresses some of the stressors teens face, and seeks to guide them back to the peace that passes all understanding, found in Christ alone. Continue reading

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Webinar: Dealing with Stress

It seems we are much more aware as a society that our lives are impacted by stress. How can you deal with something that seems to be a way of life for some, but can be experienced so intensely and acutely by others? Continue reading

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13 Reasons Why

Why 13 Reasons: A Discussion Guide

A resource and discussion guide for the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why. Continue reading

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All Things New: Sometimes Youth Need a Win

We have a message that no one else can match, a win that can’t be topped, and that is what we need to be sharing every time we can. Continue reading

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teens respond to terrorism

Inside the Teen World: Teens Respond to Terrorism

Students react candidly to acts of terrorism in another country. Continue reading

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What is it that causes a teen to change from someone who seems to have it all together one moment into someone screaming for help in the next? What’s causing the stress and why the emotional response? Continue reading

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Helping Hurting Youth

Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit

Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting. Continue reading

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youth stress Bible study

Bible Study: Youth Stress – Biblical Text Messages for Young Souls

This study takes a look at stress in the life of our kids. It does not assume that stress is an all-consuming problem for kids, nor does it assume that stress for them is negligible. Like most things in life, the situations for stress and kids vary a lot. Continue reading

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