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Responsibility or Retreat? Youth Discussion Guide on Refugee Crisis Care

How should we handle things like the refugee crisis and the fears it brings up? Continue reading

2 Comments / 171 View / March 30, 2017

Bible Study Compassion

Bible Study: Compassion in Action

Jesus’ compassion moved Him to action. Continue reading

0 Comments / 179 View / March 27, 2017

Bible Study Compassion

Bible Study: Compassion – Ours in Christ

Compassion is a beautiful and powerful characteristic of our God. Continue reading

0 Comments / 172 View / March 27, 2017

Providing Family for Those who have None

God has given the church a definite and resounding responsibility to look after and protect one another. Continue reading

0 Comments / 183 View / March 21, 2017

middle school friends Bible study

Middle School Event: Friends ‘R Us

A Bible study on friendships, especially for middle school. Continue reading

0 Comments / 232 View / March 15, 2017

youth night, compassion

Youth Night: A Heart Transplant

A youth night with Bible study on compassion and reaching out to others with love. Continue reading

0 Comments / 223 View / March 13, 2017

connection and stereotypes

Connection vs. Stereotypes

We were created for connection, yet we have a bad habit of boxing people into stereotypes that separate us from one another. Continue reading

0 Comments / 155 View / March 9, 2017

Skit: Charity Case

And they shall say, “Lord when did we see thee…?” Continue reading

0 Comments / 827 View / October 5, 2011