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Lent Devotion: Where Were You?

a devotion on the song “Where Were You?” for times of doubt and trouble Continue reading

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2015 Servant Event Devotions: Stand. Follow. Serve. Repeat.

Download a PDF of the 2015 Servant Event Devotions Leader’s Guide. Download a PDF of the 2015 Servant Event Devotions. About the theme The year was 1521. Martin Luther had already been excommunicated by the medieval church and was called…

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Lent Devotion: Knowing an Unknowable Love

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “My Song is Love Unknown” Continue reading

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2015 Servant Event Bible Study: Stand. Follow. Serve. Repeat.

A five-part Bible study on standing firm in Christ Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: But First, the Cross

At the cross we see God’s heart of love, a love that poured out and sacrificed EVERYTHING so that our suffering would be temporary in this life. Continue reading

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Youth Night: Servants with a Smile

Use this servant event youth night to discuss hunger and poverty with your youth. Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: Come

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain” Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters

While it’s not specifically a “Lent” song, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” by Hillsong United is a favorite of mine during this season, especially this second verse: Your grace abounds in deepest waters Your sovereign hand will be my guide Where…

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It’s Your Serve: Preparing to Host Your First Servant Event

This resource provides an overview of how to help your students serve children, youth, families and adults in your church and community and leave behind a “fingerprint of faith.” Continue reading

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Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Service into Focus

Top 10 ways to put your service into focus at a servant event. Continue reading

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