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A word of peace

Devotion: A Word of Peace

In becoming sin Jesus does the absolute unthinkable, He takes the punishment of the sins that we deserve, separation from the Father. Continue reading

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A Word of Love

Devotion: A Word of Love

It was love that brought Jesus to become incarnate. Continue reading

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a word of promise

Devotion: A Word of Promise

It is against the stark background of our sin that the promises of God shine. Continue reading

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Lent Devotion: A Word of Forgiveness

The first words of Jesus on the cross show the extent to which he would go for us. Continue reading

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Lent Resources

Lent Resources

Resources for Lent and Easter Continue reading

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Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Why we celebrate Lent, and things to do with your group during this time. Continue reading

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