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Skit - the labels we wear

Skit: The Labels We Wear

A skit on the ways we define ourselves, the ways others define us, and our ultimate identity in Christ. Continue reading

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Bible study identity

Bible Study: Piecing Together My Identity

Your identity can be found through your family, your name, your talents and abilities, your beliefs, and your appearance, but at the root of all these things is the identity you find in Christ. Continue reading

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finding identity in jesus

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear: Finding Our Identity in Jesus

Instead of finding our identity in what we do, Jesus invites us to come and find our identity in Him. Continue reading

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Middle School Youth Night: I’m More than Just Who You Think I am…I’m Me!

Self-esteem is shaped through many experiences, and many different people have an impact on how we view ourselves. Continue reading

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who am i devotion 1

Devotion: Who Am I? pt. 1

Where do you find your identity? A devotion on John 3:1-6 Continue reading

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who am i devotion 2

Devotion: Who am I? pt. 2

a devotion on Colossians 3:11-14 Continue reading

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made right from the start

Devotion: Made Right from the Start

a devotion on Genesis 1:27, 31 Continue reading

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made in God's mirror

Devotion: Made in God’s Mirror

a devotion on Galatians 8:1-2 Continue reading

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identity skit

Skit: Jennifer and the Wizard of Who

In this skit Jennifer enters the “Land of Who” in her search for identity and self-esteem. There she is confronted by the Wizards of Who, who offer her varied approaches to her quest. Ultimately, she finds her answer in the word of God and her identity in Him. Continue reading

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devo - who are you

Devotion: Who Are You?

a devotion for youth workers on identity using Galatians 3:26-29 Continue reading

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