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Miss Perfectionist

Identity Theft Devotion: Miss Perfectionist

Miss Perfectionist makes us think that we are defined only by what we do and how well we do it, but God joyfully gives us grace, covering over any mistakes we make with the blood of Jesus. Continue reading

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Losing My Identity

Bible Study: Losing My Identity

This study will review five different attributes that help to build identity and how its loss can impact a person’s self-concept. Continue reading

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Identity Theft Devotions

You are loved! You are enough! You are valuable and treasured! You have a purpose in this world! Continue reading

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Identity Theft Devotion: Mr. Macho

God tells us to “be strong and courageous,” but Mr. Macho tries to get us to ignore that the hard stuff is there. He says that we don’t need God, or church, or anyone else; we can be strong on our own. Continue reading

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