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Drama: In Christ Alone

This story of the wise and foolish builder explores the themes of joy, identity, humility, community, and standing in Christ. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Community in Christ – Something Different

Community in Christ can and should look and feel different from their other communities. Continue reading

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Devotion: In Christ Alone I Stand

Paul’s focus on Jesus Christ alone, in spite of his lack of eloquence and wisdom, is a great model for us. Continue reading

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Taking the Gathering Home

How do you continue the conversations started at the Gathering when you get home? Continue reading

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Devotion: In Christ Alone – Community

God brought Paul and the Philippians together for a common purpose. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Humility is a Big Deal

Humility is a by-product of faith. It comes from trusting God. Continue reading

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Devotion: In Christ Alone – Humility

When we focus on ourselves, our eyes are looking inward, but our focus should be Jesus and His humility shown to us on the cross. Continue reading

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Devotion: In Christ Alone – Identity

No doubt about it, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are. But we are God’s! Continue reading

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Webinar: Bringing the Gathering Home

How to make the Gathering more than a five-day event but a springboard for local, ongoing ministry taking place in your local congregation. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Christian Character

This Bible study explores the concepts of identity, humility, and community in Christ alone. Continue reading

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