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I’m Straight

How do we help youth identify themselves as children of God rather than by their sexuality? Continue reading

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Bible Study: Do You Believe in Love…Real Love?

This one-part Bible study answers the question, “If love is love, and God is love, then isn’t same sex love okay?” Continue reading

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Homosexuality and the Church’s Response

How do we in the church speak the truth in love when it comes to the topic of homosexuality? Continue reading

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Bible Study: Don’t Blame God

Bible Study: Don’t Blame God

This one-part Bible study walks through Scripture passages to use when talking about issues of continuing in sin, homosexuality, or other issues that society deems acceptable. Continue reading

0 Comments / 183 View / April 19, 2013

Questions for God: My friend is gay, now what?

This is a difficult, confrontational and complex topic. I am not going to address the entire issue of homosexuality in this short article, rather I will focus on the relational aspects of the issue. To put it a different way…

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Apologia: Homosexuality and the Church

Apologia: Homosexuality and the Church

What does The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod believe and teach about homosexuality? Use this talk sheet to discuss the topic with your youth. Continue reading

0 Comments / 182 View / October 1, 2008

Veritas: Homosexuality

Veritas: Homosexuality

In this short article, youth contributor Erin Ellerbrock offers insight into how Christian youth might best approach their homosexual peers with the love of Christ Jesus. Continue reading

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