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Youth Viewpoints on the Power of Male/Female Teams

Jordan and Caroline are active in the youth group at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Livermore, CA. Before Our Savior called a full-time youth worker, Jordan and Caroline had the benefit of being served by a husband and wife team, Dr. Steven and Dee Christopher. The Christophers taught Jordan and Caroline a lot through Bible study, but the youth also learned much simply by witnessing the Christophers’ Christian marriage in action.

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Girls and Guys Groups

This interview with Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, St. Charles, MO, offers details about gender-specific Bible study programs. Immanuel’s GUYS and GIRLS Bible Study Groups seek to share and reinforce that God has a lot to say about what it means to be a young man or a young woman, and that His definitions of gender make a lot more sense than those offered by the world.

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On Mothering Daughters

Anyone who has spent five minutes with teenage girls knows the absolute importance of providing a solid Christian example for them to emulate. Mainstream society seeks to define girls on its terms instead of Christ’s. Everywhere, teenage girls are bombarded by lurid examples of what the world wants them to be. Where are they encountering examples of what Christ wants them to be?

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