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Bible Study: Let’s Talk – Alcohol Use & Abuse

a Bible study that explores the problem of alcohol abuse among teens Continue reading

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Marijuana and Faithful Choices

How can you teach youth to make choices faithful to God’s Word? Try this teaching tool from a church in Colorado. Continue reading

0 Comments / 398 View / March 5, 2014

Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Drinking and Rules

Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Drinking and Rules

A science lesson on the teenage brain and approach and avoidance cues related to alcohol, and how parents can help. Continue reading

0 Comments / 107 View / April 17, 2012

Helping Hurting Youth

Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit

Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting. Continue reading

0 Comments / 612 View / March 26, 2010

What’s a Person to Do? Helping Youth with Drug/Alcohol Addictions

Know when to get help with alcohol and other drug issues in youth. Continue reading

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Not My Student?!

Help the student caught in drug and alcohol abuse. Continue reading

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Veritas: Drinking – A High School Reality

Veritas: Drinking – A High School Reality

In this article, youth contributor Sarah Trinklein discusses the unfortunate reality of teenage drinking. She offers useful advice to teens who want to resist the temptation and to those who long to escape. Continue reading

0 Comments / 86 View / July 1, 2006