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Bible Study: Light in the Darkness

Use this Bible study to talk with teens about depression and God’s comfort and light. Continue reading

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Teens and Depression Resources

Resources for youth workers working with teens who deal with depression. Continue reading

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When Your Teen Goes Through a Crisis

Because of the emotional instability of the teen years, it’s not unusual for a teen to go through a crisis. Continue reading

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Real Truths You Need to Know about Depression

If you work with teens, parent teens or are a teen, it’s vitally important that you understand key truths about depression. Continue reading

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Q&A with a Therapist about Teen Depression

Information for parents, youth workers, and others who work with teenagers, about teens and depression. Continue reading

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For the Youth Worker Dealing with Depression

This is not written with the intention of solving anything. This is written in order to remind you of what you know, to grant you what you already have, and to give you a gift. Continue reading

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Helping Hurting Youth

Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit

Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting. Continue reading

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Skit: On the Edge

Skit: On the Edge

Vern Phillips is depressed with his life and ready to end it all. An angel’s intervention helps him to realize the value of his life. Continue reading

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Skit: A Conversation with Kayla

Skit: A Conversation with Kayla

Life isn’t what it always appears to be. A teenage girl has a conversation in passing with her mother. The question is what is the girl really communicating, and who is there to listen. Continue reading

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