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Technology: Tool, Treasure, Tyrant or Trouble?

Best Practices for Youth Group Use without Abuse We have all likely seen it: adolescents going about daily routines with backs hunched, heads down and hands seemingly attached to electronic devices.  They text and tap and tweet fluidly, as if…

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Inside the Teen World: The Angst of Adolescence

A fourteen-year-old gives candid insight into what it’s really like being a teen today. Continue reading

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Devotion: How to Find Freedom

a devotion on freedom in Christ using Psalm 84 Continue reading

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The Challenges Our Teens Face

Young people face conflict as a result of either abandonment or abundance, and abundance tends to be the core stressor in the lives of teens. Continue reading

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Youth and Popular Culture: It’s All About Influence and Interaction

Popular culture changes for each generation, but its implications on faith and society particularly affect the young. They need guidance from the inside to help them navigate it all. Youth leaders can be those guides. Continue reading

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Devotion: Are You a Strong Person?

a devotion on strength using Psalm 84 Continue reading

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The First Generation of the 21st Century: The Plurals

What do you know about the kids who are sitting in our confirmation classes and entering our high schools? During the last few years, the generation following the millennials has started filtering into our classes and programs, and they will…

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Devotion: Are We There Yet?

a devotion on worship in times of trouble, using Psalm 84 Continue reading

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What Is Going On Up There?: Adolescent Brain Development

Adolescence is its own animal of a time period in the life of a person compared with childhood, emerging adulthood, adulthood and late adulthood. The complexity of adolescence is astounding! Cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual identity development is all…

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Devotion: Are You Excited About Shechinah?

a devotion about worship using Psalm 84 Continue reading

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