Real. Present. God. Resources

“The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”  Psalm 46:10

Our Real. Present. God. is with us in His Word of promise, protection, and comfort.  Participants of the 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering studied, discussed, and served around this truth.  To continue the conversation and growth in understanding and application, Gathering planners and speakers have provided resources and Bible studies for the 2019-2020 year.  In the last months of 2019, you will find a year’s worth of weekly resources posted below.

Bible Study: Life’s Big Stresses Call for One Big God

Life’s Big Stresses Call for One Big God calls us to lean into our Savior as we come to know that there is no crisis or circumstance that is bigger than our God, and can thrive in times of stress.

Bible Study: Worth Dying For

If we equip young people to see everything in light of their value and identity in Christ, as a loved, chosen, forgiven child of God, it will change their relationships. Not only that, but this foundation will impact every single area of their lives.

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Bible Study: Created to Connect

Created to Connect dives into the topic of digital media and how we connect with people and with God. Participants will discover ways to set technology down to have real connections and live social media lives that point to Jesus.

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Bible Study: How Do I Know?

How Do I Know? deals with making significant or even life-altering decisions. Participants will sort through the many different voices seeking to influence the decision-making process and determine which path is the right one.

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Bible Study: Fear

This study on Fear dives into the topic of fear, anxiety, and spiritual warfare. Participants will reflect on identifying fears, understanding temptation, and living as a fearless child of God even in the midst of fear.

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Bible Study: The King in the Psalms

The King in the Psalms illustrates how the kingdom of God is an important theme running through the entire Bible. Participants will encounter God’s promises to send a Messianic King to save His people and rule over everything He had created.

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Bible Study: What does it Mean to be Lutheran?

What Does it Mean to be Lutheran? explores how the Lutheran tradition delights in the tensions of Scripture, even if it is a challenge to hold these tensions together. Participants will learn how the Lutheran tradition confesses that Jesus is at the center of our salvation, faith, and life.

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